House Repos

House repos are quite popular amongst the different types of foreclosure properties available in the real estate market. House repos are also termed as real estate owned houses or repossessed homes. A repossed property is confiscated by a lender under the circumstances when the borrower was unable to pay the requisite loan amount. The lender may be a bank, government or private institution. House repos are mainly of two types:

  • Government repo houses: This type of property is acquired by the government under the circumstances when the owner was unable to repay his loan amount. If the owner fails to make his mortgage payment, the government seizes the house from the owner and sells it off through an auction. Sometimes, government can also seize some houses as a result of a criminal court case.
  • Bank repo houses: This type of property is seized by the bank when the owner was unable to pay back his mortgage loan. The lending bank thus repossesses the house in order to withdraw the property amount.

Once the house is seized by the lender, then it becomes a subject to the foreclosure process, and is sold off through a public auction.

Buying house repos is quite beneficial because there are so many advantages added to them. Generally house repos are sold at much lower price than their actual market value, a lender usually wants to get his money back as soon as possible and thus the price is considerably slashed down sometimes by 10-30%. These houses are suitable for those individuals who wish to own a house in a limited budget, or it is also beneficial for real estate investors who want to add to their real estate wealth.

However, there are certain considerations to be taken care of before buying house repos:

  • One should properly inspect the respective repos and their surrounding area. Make sure that the house is properly maintained and in a good condition, else you might end up paying good money for a ruined house. The cost needed to repair the house may be more than the profit you made by buying a repo house.
  • Make sure that the previous owner of the house should not have the right to buy back the house. There may be such a clause in the deal.
  • Check the legal papers of the respective repos property.
  • If the house is being sold at an auction, then make required arrangements for your finance before bidding for the house.

If you are looking for house repos, then you can begin your search online. In this site, you can find a listing of different locations where house repos are located. You can find repo houses of different types, sizes and styles including one-bedroom, two bedroom, commercial or rental buildings, luxury and vacation homes, and even mansions. With this option of online research, you can find a top-class residence or a property at a very reasonable price, and there is no need to approach any agent who charges fees for finding house repos for you.

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